Unlock You Potential with HitTrax

Do you have a big baseball tryout coming up that you’re nervous about? Want to improve your game before the spring season? Just need a place to train while out of the cold Wisconsin winters? Well, Westosha Sports Complex has the solution for you with our HitTrax batting simulator. 

No matter if you’re an avid ball player or you’re looking to get started with the sport, we have the training setting for you! The special patented technology can measure your real-time data and provide you with immediate feedback on your swings. As you’re training, the HitTrax simulator will also analyze your key performance metrics to identify your strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies before you ever step onto the field. Our team will use these metrics to create a training plan unique to your pain points.

HitTrax simulators makes training fun by allowing you to participate in hitting leagues, tournaments, and home run derbies, so you’re always excited to improve your game. Stop by our facilities or contact us to learn more about how you can begin elevating your game.

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