About Us

Our Training & Recreational Facility

Westosha Sports Complex is a Professional Training Facility where players up their game, practice their swings and just have fun. We offer a full gym where young athletes can prepare themselves for the next level.

Our facility has the latest cutting-edge Virtual Golf simulators for the golf enthusiast and 6 batting cages where the traditional batting cage is merged with a video game simulator that lets you hit home runs in major league stadiums!

Whether for fun, or for legitimate game improvement, our simulators let you play golf courses from around the globe, or hit home runs into the stands at Wrigley Field!

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Yes, everyone must have a waiver on file to enter the facility. Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent/guardian sign the waiver, coaches CAN NOT sign for players.

ABSOLUTELY!! As long as there are tunnels available you can stay all day if you would like, and at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! Just check with a WSC staff member for availability.

No, once you have bought a full membership for the first family member, you can buy additional memberships for family members in the household for an additional $125 each. These family memberships have to be bought at the complex.

*A parent cannot buy a membership and bring in multiple children under that membership, or bring in a different child on different days. Each child would need their own membership. Parents are always welcome to assist each child at no additional charge.

No, a Family add on membership can only be for the sport of the original membership.

  • If the friend is brought in to assist you to practice they can come free of charge. i.e. you’re a pitcher and need someone to catch. If you then decide to switch during the visit, the friend will be subject to the $15 non-member fee
  • If you bring in an instructor, the instructor can come in free of charge.
  • If you are coming in to hit and your friend wants to hit as well, the friend will have to pay our non-member fee of $15

The maximum number of friends we allow members to bring is 2, both are subject to the $15 non-member fee.

This can be done with no more than 2 cages. If you are looking for more than 2 cages contact a WSC employee to discuss team rentals (Individual memberships can not be used to achieve a team practice).

Yes, we do have a 48-hour cancelation policy. If you cancel more than 48 hours prior, we will cancel the reservation and put a credit on your account. You can also reschedule it for another time. If within 48 hours you can not cancel or reschedule.

If the complex is open refer to our 48-hour cancelation policy. If we need to close the complex due to weather, we will put a credit on your account

Yes, we will make a determination based on the progress of storm events.  If we do close we will announce the closure on social media and contact all that have scheduled appointments.

Yes, we do offer 1 month memberships.

The person using the cage is responsible for picking up all balls and tees before there ending scheduled time.

No child without a driver’s license can be in the facility alone, A parent/coach must be present at all times.

Westosha Sports Complex