Golf League in Kenosha

Indoor Golf League in Kenosha

Have the itch to get out and swing the clubs, but can’t find time? Or maybe the weather is holding you back. The perfect solution is right here at Westosha Sports Complex indoor golf league in Kenosha! The ideal situation for anybody who is looking to kick the rust off in the winter months or sharpen their game past sunlight. It’s also the best option for those months when you just can’t get outside due to the weather, or even during a rainy day in the Summer! With Full Swing Simulators, you can dial in your game when the weather isn’t ideal!

Whether you’re an avid golfer or it’s your first time, this league is perfect! This is the best way to hone your game in a leisurely way. No chasing a sliced drive or looking for a potentially lost ball, the simulator will do all of the work for you! You can play a complete round of 18 holes faster than outdoors and enjoy our time inside. With a variety of ways to play on the simulator, you’re sure to have fun no matter how you play your golf league in Kenosha.

Take your league seriously or come in and use it as a tool to train for the months when you can get out and play, either way, it’s a fun experience.  If you’re interested in joining and playing in a golf league in Kenosha, don’t hesitate to reach out to Westosha Sports Complex and sign up today!

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