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• $200 per team registration fee – first come first serve – limit 4 teams
• $20 per player fee each week (Subs are welcome but must pay weekly fee)
• First week March 15th 6:00 PM
• 9-hole format / New course each week / 4-man or woman scramble-stroke play / Best ball / 8 people / 2 teams per simulator
• Each simulator limited to 20 minutes of warm up time
• Men play from Blue tee box, Women play from Red tee box.
• Putting is set at 6ft gimmies
• Round Robin format
• Head to Head winner for each week accrues points for winning round against their opponent
• Each week: 5 points for the win, 5 points for lowest round, 4 points for second lowest, 3 points for third lowest, 2 points for fourth lowest
• Higher seed plays lowest seed, and second seed plays third seed in the playoff round (Single Elimination)
• Scores and information will be updated and posted at the complex and on the league page on our website
• 1st place winning team receives a 2-hour event at the complex with 2 simulators and an open bar for up to 20 people (date subject to availability)
(Each team is responsible for keeping their own scores on the weekly distributed physical score cards, in the case that if the simulator fails, the round will restart from the beginning of the last played hole)

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